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Market reports

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2 Jun, 2014 More than 1,380 units were launched and completed in 2013, highest in the Khao Yai record; and approximately 10 units only were launched in the first three months of 2014,
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12 May, 2014 Bangkok’s serviced apartment market has grown slowly in the last few years, due both to the rising number of condominium units in the City area and the many luxury apartment projects in the same location. Rents are stable, but occupancy is slightly lower than in the previous quarter, and some developers are building serviced apartments, with a focus both on areas outside the centre of the city, and on smaller sois further away from mass transit lines.
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12 May, 2014 Approximately 6,500 sq m of retail space wascompleted and openedin 1Q 2014,raising thetotal retail supply in Bangkok and surrounding area to nearly 6,602,940 sq m. Approximately 866,530 sq m of future supply isunder construction and expected to be completedin 2014.
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12 May, 2014 Due to the political instability in Bangkok in the first quarter of 2014, some multinational companies postponed their expansion plans in Thailand, but companies that have already set up in Thailand are not movingto other countries. The total office supply in Bangkok at the end of 2013 was approximately 8,066,400 sq m.
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12 May, 2014 Bangkok’s condominium market still continued to grow from 2013, even though the Bangkok property market was directly affected by the political problems.
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21 Mar, 2014 Approximately 9,000 rai were added in 2013 with the total land area of all industrial estates / parks / zones increasing to approximately 143,200 rai at approximately 70 industrial estates.
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3 Mar, 2014 Approximately 16,980 units were launched in 2013, around 4.5% less than in 2012. Just 800 units were completed and transferred in H1 2013, but nearly 7,100 units were completed in the second half, making the total number of units completed in 2013 the highest on record. A large number of Pattaya and Bangkok based developers continue to cast a strong vote of confidence in the Pattaya market. The average take-up rate and average price in H2 2013 were a little lower than in H1 2013, due to the many condominium projects launched in the second half.
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17 Feb, 2014 Approximately 1,390 condominium units were completed in the Hua Hin, Cha Am and Pranburi areas in 2013, 46% higher than last year. Around 1,160 units of landed development were launched in2013, 39% lower than in the previous year.
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6 Feb, 2014 Summary The total supply of serviced apartment units as of the end of 2013 is approximately 18,260; approximately 430 units are expected to be completed in 2014. Many foreigners and expatriates have decided to stay outside the CBD area, but still close to the BTS Sky Train system; some of them prefer to stay in condominiums or high-end apartments in the same location as serviced apartments, due to the lower rental rate.
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3 Feb, 2014 Highlights Only one office building was completed in 2013- in the Northern Fringe area. The total office space as of H2 2013 remains approximately 8,066,000 sq m. The average occupancy rate and rents in all locations are similar to in the previous quarter, although the occupancy rate and rents in the CBD area have significantly increased over the past two years.
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3 Feb, 2014 Highlights Bangkok is turning into a shopping paradise for foreign tourists. Community malls still constitutethe most fashionable retail category for the retail market in Bangkok, because all newly completed facilities in 2013 were community malls. Mostfuture supply expected to be completed from H2 2013 to2015 is located in the City area.
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3 Feb, 2014 New launches in Q4 2013 were similar to the previous quarter, but the total of newly launched units in 2013 was approximately 51,150, or around 8% higher than in 2012.
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6 Nov, 2013 Approximately 11,240 condominium units were launched in the third quarter of 2013, down by around 1,330 units from the previous quarter, but many more projects are planned for launch in the last quarter. Listed developers are still the main players in the Bangkok condominium market and they cover all market segments.
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6 Nov, 2013 Office space in Bangkok is getting more expensive as demand from international companies outstrips supply. No new office buildings were added to the market during the past three quarters of 2013. However, around 57,400 sq m are expected to complete in the last quarter of this year.
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6 Nov, 2013 Due to intense competition in the market after increasing condominium units along the BTS line, Bangkok’s serviced apartment market has grown slowly during the last few years. As of Q3 2013, there were more than 18,260 serviced apartment units in Bangkok. Approximately 200 more were due to be built by the end of the year.
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6 Nov, 2013 Many retail centres were completed during the past few years and many projects are under construction and expected to be completed in 2013 - 2015. Total retail supply in Bangkok and surrounding area is nearly 6,500,000 sq m and it has continued to grow over the past few years.
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1 Nov, 2013 First In-Depth Analysis Of The Property Market In Yangon, Myanmar
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25 Sep, 2013 The GDP of Laos increased by around 7.5 to 8% per year during the past few years. The government has a plan to improve Laos from a landlocked country to a land-linked one with new roads and a high-speed train. New special and specific economic zones in Laos have become a new magnet for foreign investors. Vientiane’s population is expected to continue its rapid increase over the next 20 years, presenting opportunities and challenges. The young population will stimulate growth over the next 20 years.
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5 Sep, 2013 Approximately 5,800 rai were added in the first half of 2013 with the total supply of industrial estates increasing to approximately 156,900 rai at approximately 70 industrial estates. The Eastern Seaboard and Central areas account for around 95% of the total supply. The Eastern Seaboard area was more fashionable for all foreign and local investors in 2013 and will be in the future, due to it not being affected by the floods. Many industrial estate develoers already started their new industrial
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22 Aug, 2013 A similar number of newly launched units were introduced in the first half of this year, as were in the second half of 2012. Just 800 units were completed and transferred during H1 2013. This is higher than the total number of units completed in 2012.
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