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Market reports

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25 Mar, 2015 Demand continued to show improvements during Q4. This trend is expected to continue as long as the political situation remains stable; there’s no significant negative change in the global economy and the Thai Baht remains at the current levels. The Government recently approved tax and non-tax incentive packages to attract and encourage international companies to establish their International Headquarters (IHQs) and International Trading Centres (ITCs) in Thailand.
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20 Mar, 2015 Most of the demand from Bangkokians slightly dropped in 2H 2014 as the economy turned sluggish. However, the demand seemed to have been pushed up at the end of 1Q 2015, thanks to heavy marketing and promotional campaigns by big-name developers. More foreigners are adding units for sale in the market as Baht currency has become stronger compared with the Euro.
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20 Mar, 2015 The Eastern Seaboard area is the main location for the industrial estate sector in Thailand.
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19 Mar, 2015 “New demand from Russian is shorten in 2H 2014 due to falling Russia Ruble. However, Chinese tourist still expansion.Unit transfer period and numbers of unsold units are main concerning for year 2015.”
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17 Mar, 2015 “Serviced apartment were extremely competitive with condominiumsmany expat have moved to condominiums or luxury apartmentsand serviced apartment will face legal problems in the future.”
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17 Mar, 2015 Community malls has been the most fashionable category in the past few years, although many projects failed. Thai confidence and purchasing power in 2014 was still lower than expected. Bangkok is becoming the new place for shopping in Asia.Online shopping is still growing.
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16 Mar, 2015 The mid to low-end condominium market signalled an over-supply situation in 4Q 2014, and the bank rejection rate sharply increased to around 30%, making developers revise their plansfor more low-rise projects to focus on the high-end to luxury condominium market in 2015.
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